WCPS Instructional Standards

The Warren County Public Schools welcomes you to our interactive Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Wiki. The WCPS staff have developed this site to provide teachers access to the content of the curriculum standard, the instructional resources necessary to effectively teach these new standards in their classrooms, and district common assessments to measure the level of student mastery. Throughout the wiki you will find standards organized by both content and grade level so that you can effectively browse all standards that relate to a particular strand/domain or grade. If you know the specific strand identifier you can also use the search feature to quickly locate a specific standard. The search feature also allows you to search by topics so that you can easily access multiple standards that address s similar set of skills. Curriculum maps and information for other content areas not part of the "Common Core" can be found at the bottom of this page.

Common Core Standards with ELA and Math Appendices

District Common Assessments

District Common Assessment Feedback Form

Common Assessments Creation Resources

English Language Arts:

Grade K Grade 6
Grade 1 Grade 7
Grade 2 Grade 8
Grade 3 Grade 9
Grade 4 Grade 10
Grade 5 Grade 11
Grade 12

Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects (Grades 6-12)

Resources for ESL / ELL Teachers


Grade K Grade 5
Grade 1 Grade 6
Grade 2 Grade 7
Grade 3 Grade 8
Grade 4
College Readiness Algebra 1
Algebra 2 Geometry

Download file "Grade Level Shifts grades 3to8.pdf"

Download file "Grade Level Shifts HS.pdf"

Download file "HS Math Standards by Course--January 2013.pdf"


Grade K Grade 1
Grade 2 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 5
Grade 6 Grade 7
Grade 8 Multi Grade Levels
Biology Chemistry
AP Biology AP Chemistry
Physics Earth Science
AP Physics Special Topics

Science Pacing Guides and Core Ideas (2014-2015)

Social Studies:

Standards in this area are in draft format and implementation plans are being developed by the WCPS District Leadership.

Grade K Social Studies 6th Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Social Studies 7th Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Social Studies 8th Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Social Studies 9th Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Social Studies 10th Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Social Studies 11th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade Social Studies 12th Grade Social Studies

Related Arts Curriculum Maps (2015-2016)
Other Content Area Curriculum Maps and Information (pre-2015)