Grade 5 Math

    Introduction and Overview

    Priority Standards:

    Download file "5th Grade Math Prioritized Standards.docx"

    Pacing Guide:

    Download file "5th Grade Math Pacing Guide.doc"

    Download file "5th Grade Go Math Pacing Guide (Teachers should use District Curriculum Map -- This is a resource only).pdf"

    Unit Plans:

    Download file "5th Math Unit 1 Numbers & Operations in Base 10 (Revised June 2017).doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 2 Decimals.doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 3 Operations of Decimals.doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 4 Algebraic Thinking.doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 5 Add Subtract Fractions (June 2015).doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 6 Multiply Divide Fractions (June 2015).docx"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 7 Measurement and Data .doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 8 Volume.doc"

    Download file "5th Math Unit 9 Geometry (June 2015).doc"

    Links to:

    Standards Wiki

    5th Grade District Common Assessments


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